[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] "Deutsche Volksliste"

Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
Sun Apr 13 06:21:18 PDT 2003

For what time frame and place and religion were these baptism 
records?  Most columnar records that I have seen show a column for the 
parents rather than separate ones for mother and father.

This info may also help us give advice for your next step.

At 12:51 AM 13/04/2003 -0700, Lonnie Scallen wrote:
>I recently looked at my first German records microfilm for
>births-christenings.  Could someone tell me what all the different
>columns are for.  I know kinder is child, mutter is mother, tag is day.
>There didn't seem to be a column for father.  Some of the other ones are
>hard to figure out.  I had an exact date and place for a christening.  I
>ordered the microfilm from the FHC.  I checked the time frame it was
>supposed to be in, but the entry wasn't there.  What do I do? Thank you
>in advance for any help. Lonnie Scallen

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
jkfrank at shaw.ca 

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