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You asked where one could find whatever remains of the Deutsche Volksliste.
It is an excellent question, since they might contain a lot of good
genealogical and other information.  I wish I had an answer, but I don't
have any idea where they are to be found.  Perhaps you could email your
question to the Bundesarchiv in Koblenz?  or to some branch of the German
government?  If they were ever microfilmed in the U.S., as were tons of
other "captured war documents", I also don't know.  Perhaps one could ask
the National Archives.
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> Hi Richard,
> you wrote:
> The total number of registrants for the DVL may have been three million,
> with one million in classes I and II.  The remaining 2 million, according
> Koehl, were "(1) opportunists (2) members of borderline (Slavic) ethnic
> groups in West Prussia and Upper Silesia, (3) Polish family members in
> marriages, (4) persons registered against their will, either anti-nazi
> Germans or Poles with a German ancestor or relative."
> I don`t know if or where these lists still exist.
> How and where could one have access to this "Deutsche Volkliste"?
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