[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] germans went to Volhynia and returned to Germany

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The answer to your question depends very much on WHEN the person went to
Germany.  A lot of Volhynian Germans went to Prussia (or the "Eastern
Marches")between about 1906 and 1910 to take advantage of cheap land offered
by the German government in its effort to "Germanize" the area.  Then in
early 1940, the Germans in Polish Volhynia were removed to the Nazis' newly
annexed regions of western Poland.  A little later in the war, especially
1943 and 1944, Germans from the rest of Volhynia and elsewhere in Russia
escaped the attacking Russian armies and fled westwards to Poland and

I would have no idea why your relative left from France!

Dick Benert
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> Hello members,
> In my researches, I saw part of germans who went to Volhynia returned to
> Germany before move to other countries.
> I think my ancestors did it, but I4m not sure. Is there somebody who could
> explain me this return of gremans to Germany.
> I4m confused because my great-grandfather August Kommers got a ship in
> Marseille, France in 1897 and moved to Brazil.
> So, why in France? Why not in Germany? Is it possible they went to France
> directly instead Germany from Volhynia?
> thanks for helping
> Eduardo Kommers
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