[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Prussian Names

Magton mag_ton at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 18 07:26:27 PDT 2003

"The choice of given names by parents was influenced
by religious,
ethnic and cultural background of the family.  Luise
(Louisa) was the
most popular Prussian queen
Even though families now lived in Russian Poland they
chose to quietly
show their heart allegiance to the Prussian king.
Along with Luise, the
given names Friedrich and Wilhelm were popular.  I
bear the name "Otto"
with a Saxon twang, and my father Alexander, the given
name of the
Czar. There are also Elizabeths in the family usually
with familiar
Augusts and Johanns"

Does the male name AUGUST have particular Prussian
overtones?  Can anyone shed some light on a female
name like EUPHROSINA ??(spelled EUFROZYNA in the
Polishj writing from German Lutheran records ) I am
not sure what the German spelling of that name would
be ? I know it's an ancient , isoteric kind of Saint -
name . Would German Lutherans have Saint names for
their children - or purely ethnic German or cultural
and  political allegiance types of names? 

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