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> I recently did a tree for our reunion using Genpro. My genealogy program
> PAF5 but didn't have a good "TREE" image. Genpro was the only one my
> found to be completely understandable and easy to read.  It was a free
> download.  I'm not crazy about it as software for recording my data but I
> keep a blank document on my system that I can import data onto for a tree,
> print it then delete it so it doesn't take up unnecessary space.
> I find that it is also easier to do it this way as you don't always want
> have all lines listed if you are doing alot of lines.
> Rhonda
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> > I wanted to create a wall chart showing a typical family tree for one of
> my
> > ancestors. Some people find it easier when trying to explain the
> > relationships. It would branch as it progressed downwards to more
> > generations. It tried to see if I could do it with either PAF or Legacy,
> but I
> > could not find any option for it. Does any know how to make this type of
> tree.
> > I have a roll printer so can print it off in one continuous piece of
> > without the need for combining sheets off a regular printer. The wall
> chart in
> > PAF is similar to a descendant list and is not laid out as a tree with
> > branches. Thanks for any advice.
> >
> > Dwayne
> >
> > http://www.geocities.com/ancestorsus/Volhynia
> >
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