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Thu Aug 21 18:53:43 PDT 2003

What I have found in my research is "family Bibles" .. in these bibles there
were pages were the owner could record ancestors, births, deaths and
marriages. In one case, my Krebs family, I found information stretching back
five generations, complete with locations and dates. It was quite the find.
Another only had 3 generations, still very exciting to find. I think it was
fairly common for families to keep this information ... other in the forum
may know more.
Omar Welke
Guelph, On

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> A relative mentioned a booklet that was in the possesion of his aunt. He
> thought that the origin was his grandfather's. In it there were birth
dates of
> ancestors going back several generations to 1810. Does any know if this is
> normal custom among Germans that lived in Russia? Have others seen this
> of booklet before? I would be interested in hearing similar stories.
> Dwayne
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