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My mother has a vergissmeinnicht booklet.  It is very
much a German tradition.  When she vacationed in
Germany a number of years back she came back with a
booklet labelled:  "Vergissmeinnicht."  They still
print these booklets! She explained what it was and
gave it to me to carry on the tradition!  When I
decided to start a family tree, both my booklet and
hers came in quite handy.  (My mother entered more
names from her generation including her second cousins
and I entered my first, second and third cousins). 
Both of us will be adding the ancestors that I am
researching as names become available.

Until later,
Toronto, Ontario 

Original Message:

> A relative mentioned a booklet that was in the
> possesion of his aunt. He
> thought that the origin was his grandfather's. In it
> there were birth dates of
> ancestors going back several generations to 1810.
> Does any know if this is a
> normal custom among Germans that lived in Russia?
> Have others seen this type
> of booklet before? I would be interested in hearing
> similar stories.
> Dwayne

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