[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: Village near Piotrokov, Poland

Gerhard König gk_eisenach at web.de
Mon Aug 25 17:27:50 PDT 2003

Hello Bill,

on a topographical map from 1915 I found this villages in the
Kreis Rawa, Gouvernement Piotrokow:

1) Stanislawow-Lipski with 27 living houses
at the border between the parish Tomaszow (founded 1830) and 
Rawa (founded 1829)

On your scan is a second word "Ma..". On the same map is in the North
of this village (ca. 3km) a Malgorzatow in the parish Rawa.

KNEIFEL notes: Stanislawow was founded before 1820. The settler came from
Wuerttemberg and partly from Mecklenburg.

2) Stanislawow-Studzinski with 22 living houses
.. was in the region of the parish Tomaszow.

The church books of the parish Tomaszow are complete lost in 1945.
If you need more informations about this time and this parish you can
contact me.


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