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Richard Stein was kind enough to  translate my grandparent's marriage certificate.  I am sharing it with all of you to read.

Erika Wilder
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Hi Erika,

This isn't perfect, but I think I have most of it right.  Some words hard to
read on the folds - would be easier to decipher from the original.

Parish Ewangelical Augsburskiej (means Evangelical Lutheran) at Rozyszcze
(in Volhynia) in 1896, Registration #44
Groom:  Adolf Wapler, living in Marjanow or Marjanowka (can't decipher
second word), county of Lucheigo?, parents Emil Wapler and his wife Juliane
born Morach, groom was bachelor, age 21 or 24 (probably 24), born at
Genowefa, province Kalish
Bride:  Auguste Schiller, living same place, parents Friedrich Schiller and
his wife Dorothea Eiwert, spinster, age 23, born (can't decipher village
name), province Kalish
Banns were read on 14, 21, and 28 of January,
Marriage on 5 February 1896 by Pastor Hesse
Witnesses Alexander Schiller and Filip Eisenberger

Most probably the marriage was performed at the parish church in Rozyszcze.
I am not sure of the location of Marjanow/Marjanowka - there is one located
about 8 km north of Rozyszcze.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you for your response and offer of help.  Yes it is in Polish.

Here it is.

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