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Jerry Frank franklyspeaking at shaw.ca
Fri Dec 12 06:57:25 PST 2003

There is no question that all 3 of the surnames mentioned, Zerbin, Kriese 
and Kirschbaum all appear in Lutheran records for Volhynia.  It seems 
however that you are hitting a set of years and places that present 
problems in terms of pinning down the data.

For example, Julius Zerbin was probably born in the 1860s and we know that 
there are gaps in the records for that decade.  He was also born at 
Kolodesh / Kolodez at N50/29 E25/08 which in that time frame was somewhat 
more remote from majority of German settlements in Volhynia.  It could be 
that the pastor missed obtaining any records for that location at that time.

It seems that your only recourse is to try to find siblings of these people 
to see if you can pin down the parents.  Christof Kriese was probably born 
in the early 1880s or 1870s.  While his specific record is missing, if you 
could determine the names of his siblings, you might connect to his parents.

At 08:11 PM 11/12/2003 -0800, Alice Gavin wrote:
>I have just begun geneaological to research on my father's side.  As far 
>as I have been able to glean from the scant bit of information I have, my 
>grandfather Edward Zerbin was born in Lublin, Poland in 1882.  His father 
>Julius Zerbin was supposedly born in the colony of Kolodesh, Dubno, 
>Volhynia.  His grandfather August Zerbin was supposedly born in Eastern 
>Prussia, Allenstein and settled in Volhynia.  My grandmother, Johanna 
>Kriese told me she was born in Lutsk, Volhynia in 1903 and her mother, 
>Augusta and father, Christof Kriese were both born in Volhynia as well 
>.  My grandmother also told me her great great grandfather's name was Eric 
>Kirschbaum and he was born in Germany.  I have done quite a few searches 
>on several databases that are Volhynia specific and have found nothing 
>definite and specific on either family as to confirmation of birthplace 
>and birth dates.  My father, grandfather, and grandmother have all passed 
>away leaving no papers which might help in my search except for one letter 
>where I got the information on where my grandfather's father and 
>grandfather were born.  Could anybody give me some help or direct me to 
>where I could get more information?  It would be greatly 
>appreciated.   Alice Gavin (Zerbin)

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