[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] evangelical marriages at Sompolno, Poland, collected into "PAF"

Reiner Kerp mail at reiner-kerp.de
Sun Dec 14 15:00:38 PST 2003

Dear fellowsearchers,
after Saddam Hussein, thanks God, has been brought to the barbershop
just in time before Christmas to get his haircut, I uploaded my "fresh
hairstyled" file "Marriages at Sompolno" onto my web-site.
This file is extracted from LDS-films of the registers of the
augsburgian parish of Sompolno, Poland. The file, holds data of 1506
individuals found in 223 marriage-records. On my web-site you find
three different versions.
For a straight GEDCOM-file go to

http://reiner-kerp.de , klick on:

"Download GEDCOM-Datei
(223 Heiratsurkunden der paraf. ewang. Sompolno, Polen, von
1840 bis 1846; 713KB)" and you get the 713KB file in UNICODE (UTF-8)
charakters. Using UTF-8 shows the original Polish-written
name-variants and places.
Users of WINZIP or a similar tool, may download from
a (packed) 152KB version of that file.
you find a complete (packed) 268KB .PAF file.

!!!!The last-mentioned file can only be used with the PAF-program!!!!

Downloading this file additionally offers my "user-defined" forms:
"Trauzeugen" (with wedding-whitnesses) for marriages,
"Geburts-Taufurkunde" for births and baptizmal-records (with
"Sterbeurkunde" for deaths-records (with whitnesses) and
"meine Vorlage" for special, person-related events (a person ist
mentioned as wedding-whitness, god-mother/-father etc.), to cross-link
these events. Those forms made it much easier for me to extract and
refind!!! data of whitnesses and/or god-parents. English speaking
PAF-users may rename these forms with their individual events into
English. If, as PAF user, you want to use these forms for your own
purpose, erase (after safety-copying the file) all persons from the
file by using the extended focus.
Any comments are very much appriciated!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you,

Reiner (Kerp)

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