[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] further to Poulin/Pulin plus St Petersburg connection

gary and rhonda simpson garynrho at granite.mb.ca
Mon Dec 22 07:39:50 PST 2003

Thank you for the info re Pulin.  I believe this is probably it as Zhitomer
is mentioned in Family Lore, and my grandparents Robert Litz and Hulda
Kroening (spelling??)were married in Zhitomer 1903, where her family lived
but unknown if parish,city,or state.
Robert Litz,was born in Lomza again not known if city or province, and was
on the "run" when they met.
Great Uncle Christian Kraning/K(G)roening/Kreinik's 1940 registration
showing his parents born in Poland (no placename) indicates that there
probably was a move between his birth in 1874 in Pulin that of his elder
brother Ferdinand in 1871 in Warshau. Ferdinand died in 1936 so all I have
are his naturalization papers and his homestead application and patent.
I am awaiting Christian's naturalization papers but as we know, CDN access
to info doc's take a while.
One of Christians daughter's birth certificate (I haven't seen it but her
daughter said she had seen it) had St Petersburg on it.  Would this be a
district that would be mentioned on a Volhynian birth certificate?
I hope this all makes sense, and I really appreciate all the assistance the
group has provided.
Season's best,
Rhonda Simpson
Manitoba, Canada

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