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Need some and    The following email was directed to the SGGEE Directors and is hereby being forwarded to the Listserve for possible assistance.

John Marsch


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This is some information on our family history.  We have everything documented back to Christain Ussatis to East Prussia trying to find more information.  Wondering what information you meant have?

The name would originate out of Lithuania. My guess would be around Schirwindt, Eastprussia. In a reference book I have the Name of a Christian Ussat of Kaszemeken ist listed. Shorten from the original Ullosaitis. Also the village of Koadjuthen is listed. In any case I would look through the KB - Short for Kirchbuch - Church Register for Eichen and see if you find a connection to the above villages. At the time of birth the place of origins of the father and mother is given. 

We are trying to get more information on our family history.  We have everybody traced back 7 generations to this man 

Christain Ussatis 

Based on the Church registry, herewith we certify, that Friedrich, Wilhelm Hermann Ussatis, 28 years of age, evangelic religion, son of the deceased Christian USSATIS of EICHEN and Henriette Till, 17 years of age, evangelic religion, daughter of GOTTLIEB TILL of EICHEN on November 15, (Fifteenth) 1861 (1800-/sixty One) their marrieage took place at this evangelical church.


Signature Stamp of
The church in


And now search on the web I was able to locate some other realtives we don't have documented. 

  Male   Family 

 Birth:  20 JUN 1856    

  Father:  JONS USSATIS  Family 
  Mother:  EINNUTTE PAKOLAT     

  Spouse:  EMILIE LUX  Family 
  Marriage:  25 NOV 1881   Evangelisch, Gelsenkirchen, Westfalen, Preussen 

They lived in East Prussia and move to the Ukraine.  We are trying to figure out what kind of name is Ussatis and where did it originate from.  We believe that it is Greek.  But these people lived in East Prussia.  I was wondering if you have anymore information?

I can send our family history book, its sounds very similar to the information you have on your website.  If interested give me your address.

Any further information or advise would be helpful. 

And if you have a Surname list on your website please add the name of Ussatis. 


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