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At 01:48 PM 23/12/2003 -0500, Pilla wrote:
>I am in need of help!!!!!  Our ancestors are originally from Pommern,
>went to Volhynia and then to USA.  I found records of my husbands
>mother in St Petersburg records and it listed Elizbiecin as village
>where she
>was born.  Can't find it anywhere.  What part
>of Volhynia do the St Petersburg records
>cover?  Is this area in Russian Volhynia or Polish Volhynia.  Where is
>the dividing line?
>If I asked these questions before I am sorry but I still have no
>not found any answers.

You didn't mention the year of birth.  Volhynia was only split between 
Russia and Poland in between the 2 world wars.  Before that, it was all one 

Elzbiecin was located about 6 km ENE of Rozyszce which, between the wars, 
was in Polish Volhynia.  The village is still there.  Go to 
http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/EART/x-ussr/ukraine.html , then click on 
"Luck".  Next click on section #39.

Enlarge the map if necessary and go to vertical line #82.  Follow that down 
to horizontal line #46.  Just below and to the right is Elzbiecin, shown 
here as Elizibetin.

The St. Petersburg records cover all of Volhynia but only for the years 
1835-1885.  Depending on the time frame, Elzbiecin would have been first in 
the Zhitomir parish, later in the Rozyszce parish.

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