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At 09:48 PM 28/12/2003 -0600, Carol Hunter wrote:
>I have the following towns,villages or parishes that are completely 
>unfamiliar to me. Are any of them located in this newsletter area? The 
>spelling might not be accurate.
>Kadast, Dubnov, Wolinion
>Blankwitt, Annafeld, Germany
>District Warszawskie, Nowym-Dworze Maz.
>Rowno, Tuczny
>Derny, Oleck (Rovno area)
>Juljanufka in the municipality of Dubno

All except for Germany and Ost-Preussen (East Prussia) fit perfectly though 
you may find help with those areas as well due to the experience of our 

Dubnov is almost certainly the same as Dubno and Wolinion would be Volhynia 
(Wolhynien in German).   Kadast does not appear to be a place name.  My 
guess is that it is a word used to describe a district like a municipality 
or county, along the lines of an Oblast.

Rowno (Rivne) N50/37 and E26/15 and Dubno are larger places than you can 
find using http://www.jewishgen.org/ShtetlSeeker/loctown.htm with a search 
in Ukraine.  Once you find Rowno on the resulting MapQuest map, zoom out 
one level and you will see Dubno to the SW of it.  Tuczny is almost 
certainly Tuczin / Tuchin /Tucyn, a short distance ENE of Rowno a Lutheran 
parish centre.  Use the original map showing Rowno and click one level east 
and you will see it.

Oleck is Olyka which you can see north of Dubno in the above mentioned 
map.  Derny would be Derno, located just northwest of Olyka, right on the 
main highway you see there.  Use the original map of Rowno and click one 
level west and you will see it.

I have never found the Juljanufka by Dubno on a topographical 
map.  According to other historians, it should be located about 12 km NNW 
of Dubno.

Nowy Dwor, District (or province Warsaw) is a Lutheran Parish centre west 
of the city of Warsaw.  While this is the most likely place, keep in mind 
that Nowy Dwor translates to "new village" and is one of the most common 
place names in all of Poland.  You may need more details to pinpoint the 
correct one.

So you are definitely among friends on this mailing list.  Feel free to 
post your research interests, family names, etc.

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