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Dear Erik,

ger-poland-volhynia-request at eclipse.sggee.org schrieb:
> in them.  My question is this: The village of Piaseczno was listed in the
> Lipno parish records, I found this village on Jerry Franks map, but it is not
> near Lipno.  It looks like Pilica would be the "closest" parish.  Are there

Piaseczno is 11 km southeast of Lipno, not so far away.

> more than one Piaseczno?  I found numerous entries with the Dill/Dyll surname
> in Teodorowo, which is where my ggrandfather was born.  I am still looking at

Teodorowo is only 2 km south of Piaceczno, just at the other site of lake

> the LDS site for my ggrandfathers birth-(1889), but I am at an impass.  From
> my point of view the Lipno parish films are only filmed until 1886.  Can
> someone shed some light on my dilemma?  I have gone to the dobriner land
> site, but cannot read the German text....even with the help of "Mr.
> Berlitz".:-)

Are you looking for the protestant or katholic records? The Lipno
protestant records are filmed by LDS until 1865, the katholic until 1886.

About the availibility of the protestant records you will find everything
at http://www.dobriner-land.de/evkirche/lipno.htm.


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