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Sun Feb 2 10:17:34 PST 2003

Further to Jerry's remarks below;  I have examined the "work sheets" that were used to record the translations from film 1897596 (P 868, Reg Nr 824) for HARTFIEL, Gustav.  There is no doubt that the extractor meant to indicate that Kalisch, Poland was the place Gustav was born or had come from.  However, it appears that the age at death given as 1 year, might be age 7 at death, the number is not clearly written on the work sheet.
    Spelling variations of surnames occurs frequently in all church records.  The pastor(s) wrote the name the way it sounded to them and in the case of Volhynian records, often times the pastor received birth and death information from outlying villages via written information from people who had other versions of the name spellings.
    So Jerry's advice is sound, check the films yourself to verify the accuracy of the database.

John Marsch


  At 06:55 PM 01/02/2003 +0100, Sandra Hartfiel wrote:
  >I found some interesting news in the Volhynia List of Odessa Digital Library
  >about my ancestors, but I've got some questions:
  >On this list I found
  >HARTFIEL, Gustav +31.5.1882 in Zifeld
  >as a remark was written "Age 1 year By Kalisch"
  >Can anyone imagine what "By Kalisch" means? As "By" could be a wrong
  >translation for "bei", "Kalisch" could be a location?But shouldn't be
  >"Zifeld" the location of his death?

  I have not looked at the original copy of the record (which you should do) 
  but I think that you have an important clue here.  It probably means that 
  Gustav was born in or near Kalisch.  Kalisch / Kalisz was a town and 
  Lutheran parish in Russian Poland, west of Lodz.  If Gustav was born there 
  and died in Zifeld a year later, you also know that they migrated to 
  Volhynia during that year.  Of course this must be treated as a reasonable 
  assumption until you can prove it with data from Kalisch.

  >NOW... as mothers ot these children were in this list
  >DALEG, Auguste
  >DALCH, Auguste
  >DAELG, Auguste
  >It think, it was just a fault of spelling, or can this be a coincidence?

  Perhaps there is a spelling variation in the original records.  You need to 
  look at the originals to determine this for yourself.

  It is also possible that the extractor had trouble reading the original 
  handwriting.  This would account for variations in the on line 
  extractions.  Again, the only way to verify this is to look at the originals.

  Now that you have a place to search in Russian Poland, you can also 
  investigate those records to see if you can get a better idea of the 
  mother's surname.  With any luck, you will find a marriage record.

  A list of available microfilms for Kalisch can be found on the SGGEE 
  website.  There are no extractions for this parish yet.

  Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
  jkfrank at shaw.ca 

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