[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] German citizenship

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Hi Richard,

Thank you for the description of the political climate and events that
existed when our ancestors left for America. I am sure these laws and their
effects played a large part in their decisions. We can study history, dates
and events, however an analysis such as yours pulls it all together and
provides a good understanding of the results we see.

My grandparents have been gone for some time and I did not have the
opportunity to get this information from them when I was younger.

Keep up the good work.


Richard Rohn


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> A few days ago the question of ethnic Germans in Russia with German
> citizenship came up.  I think I'm one of the people Dave Obee referred to
> when he mentioned that having German citizenship seems to have made it
> easier to get out of Russia.  This, at least, is the story told of my

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