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Dear Uwe,
    I have gone to the dobriner-land.de site and printed out the page that 
says: Gemeinde Lipno.  It lists the baptism, marriage and death dates from 
the LDS, EZA and Wloclawek holdings.  Wloclawek seems to be the correct time 
frame that I am looking for.  Forgive me though....What do I do with this 
information?  Do I write or call that office with my questions?  I have only 
dealt with the LDS holdings and how to extract information from the films.  I 
am not familiar with any other ways of extracting records.  If you could; 
please point me in the correct direction and give me a "swift kick" to get me 
going!  I am looking for Protestant records but am I correct that the records 
might also be kept in the Catholic parishes as well?  Thank you for your 
insights and will wait to hear back from you before I proceed.
Regards, Erik 

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