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If you were excited to see the Ziemer name on the Internet for the first
time, you will probably be even more excited to know that this name shows up
15 times in the St. Pete database on the SGGEE site. www.sggee.org

There is a database for SGGEE members in the members only area of the SGGEE
site.  I stopped counting Ziemers in this database when I reached 50.


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> Hi,
>        Seeing the name August Ziemer on-line is very exciting for me.
> is the first time that I've ever run across the name Ziemer, on-line or
> anyplace else, other than my own family.
>        My information is very sketchy.
>        Julia Ziemer (m. Gottlieb Arndt) was my great-grandmother.  She
> her 2nd son August and her 4th daughter Augusta.  (Arndt was their last
> of course, but she have been naming them after a brother or father.)
>        Julia was of German descent, born in Poland.  Since her children
> born in the 1850-1870 time frame, I would guess her birthdate as 1825-35.
> One of her daughters (Amalia, my grandmother) was born in (sounds like)
> Pschedetz, Poland.   Amalia was married in Zhitomir, Volhynia, in 1894.  I
> don't know if Julia migrated to Volhynia too, or whether she stayed in
> Poland.
>        If any of this means anything to any one, please respond.
>        Thank you very much.
>                          Jeanne
>                          jsalido at aol.com
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