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If you follow through now and check the surnames, and further, the full 
names of parents associated with this list of places, it will become clear 
to you that these are all variant spellings of the same place.

I further point to the 1880 birth record of Pauline Koser, daughter of 
Daniel Koser and Christine Goll.  This person is not related to you but the 
entry holds a valuable clue.  For some reason it is double entered in the 
church books.  In one case the place of birth is given as Sadombrow 
(Sadombrowa) and in the other Olschanow (Olszanow).  The villages are only 
2 km apart and perhaps they lived halfway between.

You can go another step and for all the entries, check the villages of 
birth records both before and after those for Sadombrowa.  You will find 
them grouped around this general area.  I am 100% convinced that we have 
the right place and that there is no need to consider Dombrowa as a variant.

Sometimes it is necessary to broaden the scope of possibilities for a place 
name as Guether suggested.  However, in this case I am convinced we already 
have the right place and there is no need for further investigation.  Be 
aware also that Dabrowa has a diacritic hook under the first "a".  That is 
why Jan shows it as Da~browa in his posting.  Such a letter carries an "om" 
sound to it so it sounds like Dombrowa and is often transliterated that 
way.  This is also why Zadabrowa can be considered equal to Zadombrowa.

At 12:57 PM 20/02/2003 +0100, Hugo Benne wrote:
>Hello all,
>Thanks for the answers. I'm afraid this village starts to confuse me more
>and more. First Jerry gave me the coC6rdinates of a village called Sadombrowa
>(he suggested spelling variants Sadombrow / Zadabrowa / Zadombrowa) which is
>near to Olszanow (located on 25 degrees N/S, between 50 and 51 degrees E/W).
>The place Dombrowa / Dabrowa that Guenther suggested, I can not find at all
>on the map of the Ukraine I just bought today.
>Then I looked in the surname database at SGGEE on birth-place and I found
>the following places:
>Is this all one and the same village????
>Kindly regards,
>PS. I just phoned a small specialized book-shop in Amsterdan and they will
>send me a detailed map of Volhynia in a few days. Hopefully this will help
>to clearify this matter.
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> > Hugo Benne schrieb:
> >
> > >I'm new to this list and the reason for subscribing is because I'm doing
> > >research on my biological grandfather Daniel Grams, who was born at
> > >20th 1909 in a village called Sadombrowa (spelling variants:
> > >Zadabrowa) which is located in Volhynia, Ukraone.
> > >
> > Hello Hugo,
> > there seems to be just one village in Volhynia fitting to your request.
> > Its name is Dabrowa [Dombrowa] (Za Dabrowa just means "behind Dabrowa
> > [Dombrowa]") and it is some miles southwest of Zaturcy, Kisielin. The
> > Odessa Digital Library shows a Johann KLUKAS, * 17 Jun 1883 at Dabrowa,
> > father Ludwig KLUKAS, mother Anna GRAMS.
> >
> > Guenther
> > of Hilden, Germany
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