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> 21 February 2003
> The Russian State Historic Archive in St. Petersburg is planning to close
> to move to another building.
> The Presidential Administration, which claims ownership of the buildings
> of the former Senate and Synod where the Archive is currently located,
> a
> recent meeting with the archive employees. Employees were informed
> that contrary to previous assurances that documents of the archives would
> accessible until a new location is constructed and ready, the documents
> now to be
> stored and unavailable.
> The order regarding temporary storage of the documents in another
> building was signed by Kas'ianov, Chairman of the Government of the
> Russian Federation, on February 12.  This is a governmental level decision
> and the concerns and opposition by archival authorities have been
> unsuccessful in influencing this decision.
> Two buildings were examined, a mental hospital and a military school, with
> the hope that one of these would be ready for immediate storage. However,
> it was determined that conditions were not suitable for storage of the
> contents of the National Archive of Russia. So, examination of other
> buildings is
> continuing.
> We (in a global sense) are on the threshold of the loss
> of this Archive for many years. Irreversible losses are
> inevitable in such conditions.  We are at a loss as to what person or
> institution may be able to influence this situation.
> Blitz - Information Center will continue to work with the Archives in St.
> Petersburg until files are no longer accessible.  Blitz will also keep
> interested in archival research informed of this situation and offer
> alternative methods to
> provide research.
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> News bulletin written by : BLITZ - Information Center staff:
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> Kristin Nute - San Francisco
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> theSt. Petersburg archives as well as local, regional archives throughout
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> Independent States of the former Soviet Union.
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