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These appear to be symbols used in German church records.  If this is what
they are, the following may help.

~ represents baptized. Sometimes the baptism  date is shown in the records
and not a birth date.

oo when touching these mean married
o-o means an illegitimate connection
o/o means divorced

+ this is a plus sign and is probably meant to represent a
     cross, which in the records means died.

If my guess is correct, I would say that Gem Bieniew was baptized, married
and died 1826-1895 Ilow, Evangelical  Church = Wyszogrod, KB in Poland.
Perhaps someone else would have a better interpretation?


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> I posted a message earlier about Bieniew Lubin, as this is the pace listed
> birth place of my father in law.
> One brother is listed as living in Chom, Russia, and one brother living in
> Glowick, Russia. Does someone know if these places are in the same area,
> do they have the same names as before, and am I on the right list? These
> are from mid 1800's. When I was researching about a year ago, for info to
> and find my father in law and his wife (married in Wischenen, Germany) A
> lady sent me this reply, (below)  but I really don't know what it means.
> these addresses to write to? I don't understand the ~,oo,+ , =, etc. or
how to
> write out the address if thats what it is. Have not done research
inGermany or
> Poland before and could really use some help. Thanks !
> Dolly Hauf
> Bieniew, Gem. Ilow, ev. Church = Wyszogrod, KB in Poland:
> ~, oo, + 1826-1895 in: Archiwum Panstwowe w Plocku
>                        ul. Wieczorka 11
>                        PL 09-400 PLOCK
> Wischehnen, Kreis Fischhausen/Ostpreu_en; heute Ru_land, ev. K. +
Standesamt =
> Medenau. KB vorhanden ~, oo, + 1676-1875 in Leipzig:
> Sdchsisches Staatsarchiv Leipzig
> Abt. Deutsche Zentralstelle f|r Genealogie
> Schongauer Str. 1
> D-04329 Leipzig
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