[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Questions about Polish and Russian Research

Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 22 08:54:18 PST 2003

Others have already given good answers about the Archive information and 
symbols.  I would simple add that "Gem." = Gemeinde (congregation or 
parish).  Also, at least for Plock, most of the data has been microfilmed 
by the LDS and can be viewed directly rather than dealing with costly 
Archives.  You can view a list of the available records at the SGGEE website.

I am not sure about the Lubin reference, at least as it relates to the 
Plock region.  It is possible that you are directing your research in the 
wrong area because of the similar spelling of different places.

There is only one Bieniew in all of Poland, located on the south bank of 
the Wisla River, about 5 km west of Wyszogrod.  That is the place that you 
have been directed to BUT there is no Lubin to be found anywhere in the 
region.  This by the way would have been in Russian Poland pre WW I.

With some digging, I learned that your "Wischenen, Germany" is Wischehen, 
East Prussia, hence the Archive reference given by you.  It is located at 
east 20/07 and north 54/46 which places it almost due west of Kaliningrad 
in modern Russia, near the Baltic coast.

Now, if we are to follow through with the East Prussia connection, one can 
find, further south, the village of Bieniewo, only 4 km NE of 
Lubomino.  This is at about east 20/18 and north 54/05.  I have no 
indication that Lubomino was ever known as Lubin but it seems like a 
coincidental fit that is worthy of consideration.

I cannot find either Chom or Glowick in Russian territory though I am sure 
they could exist.  Unfortunately this is a vast territory to try to 
research so a definitive answer is difficult.

At 07:07 PM 21/02/2003 -0600, Dolly Hauf wrote:
>I posted a message earlier about Bieniew Lubin, as this is the pace listed as
>birth place of my father in law.
>One brother is listed as living in Chom, Russia, and one brother living in
>Glowick, Russia. Does someone know if these places are in the same area, and
>do they have the same names as before, and am I on the right list? These names
>are from mid 1800's. When I was researching about a year ago, for info to try
>and find my father in law and his wife (married in Wischenen, Germany) A nice
>lady sent me this reply, (below)  but I really don't know what it means. Are
>these addresses to write to? I don't understand the ~,oo,+ , =, etc. or how to
>write out the address if thats what it is. Have not done research inGermany or
>Poland before and could really use some help. Thanks !
>Dolly Hauf
>Bieniew, Gem. Ilow, ev. Church = Wyszogrod, KB in Poland:
>~, oo, + 1826-1895 in: Archiwum Panstwowe w Plocku
>                        ul. Wieczorka 11
>                        PL 09-400 PLOCK
>Wischehnen, Kreis Fischhausen/Ostpreu_en; heute Ru_land, ev. K. + Standesamt =
>Medenau. KB vorhanden ~, oo, + 1676-1875 in Leipzig:
>Sdchsisches Staatsarchiv Leipzig
>Abt. Deutsche Zentralstelle f|r Genealogie
>Schongauer Str. 1
>D-04329 Leipzig

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