[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] SOMMERFELD, Marriage in Shitomyr

Reinholdt reinholdt at onlinehome.de
Sat Feb 22 11:35:43 PST 2003

Dear List Members,

after our for me very interesting discussion about migration a connected
question about my family part with the name SOMMERFELD:

I am searching for the parents of Johann SOMMERFELD (* about 1855, + after
1921) and Emilie PODT (1854?, + after 1902) This couple married on
04.11.1880 in Shitomyr. The church record only lists names and date of the
marriage. Both had six children I know: Ludwig (* 1881-1885, oo Leokardia
N.N. came from Austria), Michael (* 1886, oo Emilie SIEBERT, the family
travelled from Shitomir to Sibiria and found a new home in Mecklenburg),
Karoline (* 1887 - 1898, oo Christian SCHACHT), Andreas (* 1887 - 1898, oo
yes, no children, emigrated to America), Julius (* 1899, oo Elisabeth N.N.,
perhaps lived in M|lheim an der Ruhr), Friedrich Emanual (* 1902
Julianowka/Shitomir, oo about 1923 Olga GERNDT in Radom, + 1938 M|lheim an
der Ruhr/Rheinland/Germany)

Now the interesting thing: First I heard in the family that Johann
SOMMERFELD originally came from Kvnigsberg. Then someone of my family ask me
whether there is any connection between our family an Prof. Arnold Johannes
Wilhelm SOMMERFELD (* 05.12.1868 Kvnigsberg/East Prussia). The reason for
this question is an enormous similarity of the faces of the male descants of
my Johannes SOMMERFELD with the faces of Arnold SOMMERFELD in several ages.

Because I could not get further with my family I tried to search in Arnold's
family but could not find a connection.

Can anybody reading this lines can give me more information about those two
Sommerfeld families or has a good idea how I can get further???

Thanks for reading this lines.

Have a nice weekend

Anke (Reinholdt)

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