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Dolly Hauf molly at itexas.net
Sat Feb 22 17:00:34 PST 2003

Rose mentioned that it might be well for me to give names and dates of those I
am searching in this area.
The name of the grandfather would be DANIEL or DONALD HAUFF (HAUF), born about
1862 to 1868. His sons are Ferdinand, b. 1883; Adolf b. 1886: Gustav b. 1887:
Wilhelm b. 1890; Gottfried b. 1894; Edward b. 1895. There may have been a
sister that died in a fire, but I don't know her birth year.

Daniel married Justina  or Mathilda Frederick, probably around 1882. My father
in law's Sos. Sec. papers have
Frederick as his mother, from his own information, but his death cert. has
Albertina Sabrofski listed as his mother, with info taken from Hosp.
Records????? Maybe 2 wives, I don't know.

The Lutter family would be Fritz Frederick Lutter, born1875, died 1941.
Married about 1890 to 1895 to Rosine Ernestine Gronau, born 1875, died 1931,
Children were Fritz Jr. born?   Martha, b1901, Therese, b. 1906 and Gertrude,

Maybe someone can help as to what films to look at. The looking I did seems to
be back farther, and I don't know names there, YET.

Thanks again for the help.
Dolly Hauf     molly at itexas.net

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