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This is my first time posting to your group, so I hope someone out there may 
be able to lead me in the right direction. I have come to a dead end with all 
my family lines, and could use your help with where to go from here.

On my paternal side, I am researching the following family names: 

BUTZEN, Walter, b. 6/4/1802 in Rheil Germany, d. 2/18/1881 married to Anna 
Barbara STREUSSER/STRAUSSER, b. 7/22/1806, d. 7/18/1857. They emigrated to 
the US on the SS Oregon from Antwerp to New York 12/5/1853. They had one 
known daughter, Francisca BUTZEN, b. 6/27/1835 in Rheil.

Francisca BUTZEN married Mathias JUNGBLUT, b. 7/27/1831 in Koblenz, Ger., d. 
6/20/1891.  Mathias and Francisca had one known daughter, Mary Ann(a) 
JUNGBLUT, b. 6/27/1858 in Chicago, IL, d. 3/10/1935 in Chicago, IL.

Anna Christina NAGEL, b. 12/5/1828 in Hanover/Hagerlock, Wurttenberg, Ger., 
d. 2/17/1904 in Chicago, Il. Anna Christina married Louis Ludwig 
LICHTENSTEIN, b. 1817 in Bavaria. Louis L. and Anna Christina (Christie) had 
5 known children: Louis Henry LICHTENSTEIN, b. 3/5/1856 in Pottstown, PA, d. 
11/27/1937 in Oak Park, IL., Charles, Augusta,  Edward and Annie.

Louis H. LICHTENSTEIN married Mary Ann JUNGBLUT 2/20/1884. They had 
6 known children: 
- Maria Christina, b. 1/12/1886 in Chicago, IL, d. 1892
- Mathias, b. 4/9/1887 in Chicago, IL, died 1900
- Clara Elizabeth, b.11/29/1889 and d. 1892
- Sophia, b. 3/2/1894 in Chicago, IL, d. 11/30/1977 in Aurora, IL
- Caroline Rosalie, b. 11/1/1898 in Chicago, IL, d. 6/19/1976 in Kerrville, 
- Maria Francisca, b. 3/10/1905 in Chicago, IL

It is believed (family lore) that the Lichtenstein's were distant relatives 
to the Crown of the Principality of Leichtenstein. The name has been spelled 
several ways in the documentation we have.

My maternal lines go back into Poland/Germany as follows:

Pawel SZCZUPAK, b. @1821 in Turzany, Pol., married (1) Maria KALISKA 
7/23/1844 in St. Nicholas Church, Inowroclaw. Maria was b. @ 1823 or 1824, d. 
11/4/1847 in Turzany. They had one known child, Konstancya b. 5/25/1847 in 

Pawel married (2) Katarzyna SMIERNIAK 1/27/1850 in St. Nicholas Church, 
Inowroclaw. Katarzyna was b. @ 1826, d. 2/3/1867 in Turzany. They had seven 
known children : 
- Franciszek, b. 11/2/1850 in Turzany, m. Katarzyna NIEWIADOWSKI (nee 
BURMISTRZAK) on 10/22/1871 in St. Nicholas Church, Inowroclaw, there were 
children (?)
- Marianna, b. 1853 in Turzany, d. 2/12/1858 in Turzany
- Anna, b. 6/19/1856 in Turzany, d. 1/28/1839 in Rochester, NY, m. Walenty    
        PAPROCKI 11/25/1872 in Parchanie, Pol. (This line has been well 
documented by my cousin Jim Paprocki.)
- Marianna, b. 12/11/1858 in Turzany
- Jan, b. 6/13/1861 in Turzany, d. 9/28/1866 in Turzany
- Julianna, b. 12/2/1863 in Turzany, d. 10/1/1866 in Turzany
- Jozef, b. 6/8/1866 in Turzany, d. 3/3/1846 in Rochester, NY

Pawel married (3) Julianna ZWIERZYKOWSKA 5/18/1867 in St. Nicholas Church, 
Turzany. She was b. @ 1840. They had six known children:
- Jan, b. 2/14/1868 in Turzany
- Tomasz, b. 1/30/1869 in Turzany
- Franciszka, b. 4/27/1872 in Turzany, d. 1/24/1874 in Turzany
- Wojciech, b. 3/10/1874 in Turzany
- Antoni, b. 9/18/1875 in Turzany
- Mikolaj, b. 11/21/1877 in Turzany

Jozef SZCZUPAK(son of Pawel and Katarzyna), married (1) Mary BOROWICZ 
11/25/1891 in Parchanie. She was b, 3/21/1874 parents Franciszek Borowicz and 
Cordula KARMINSKA. Jozef and Mary emigrated to the US on the Pretoria from 
Hamburg, Ger., 4/11/1907 They had five known children:
- Michael Francis, b. 9/8/1892 in Parchanie, d. 8/5/1959 in Rochester MN, m. 
Valentina Elizabeth KRYGER 9/16/1916 in St. Stanislaus Church, Parchanie
- Leokadia, b. 11/30/1895 in Parchanie, d. 8/3/1896 in Parchanie
- John Theodore, b. 12/8/1896 in Parchanie, d. 11/1961 in Chicago, IL
- Franciszek, b.9/7/1899 in Parchanie, d. 5/1907 in NY
- Leokadia, b. 1/5/1901 in Parchanie, d. 3/10/1901 in Colonia Parchanska
(Upon arrival at Ellis Island, mother, Mary and Franciszek died right after 
getting off the Pretoria)

Jozef (Joseph) SZCZUPAK married (2) Josephine ADAMSKI on 1/20/1908, widow of 
Paul Adamski. Josephine was b. in Przybyslaw, Pol., parents Lawrence 
KWIATKOWSKI and Frances KALINOWSKI, and d. 3/12/1946 in Rochester NY. Paul 
and Josephine had one known child, Rosalia Adamski, b. 9/21/1902 in St. 
Stanislaus Church, Parchanie. Jozef and Josephine SZCZUPAK had no children.

Felix KRUSZYNSKI and Eva MOSAYENSKA had one child, Joseph Michael Kruszynski, 
b. 3/13/1879 in Warsaw, Pol, d. 8/18/1951in Fostoria OH. Joseph married 
Waleria/Walerice(?) ULANOWSKI, 8/17/1903. Waleria was b. in Berlin, Ger. 
parents Elizabeth PNIEWSKI(?) and Francis ULANOWSKI, but she was raised in 
Posen, Pol. and died in Fostoria OH. 

Joseph Michael(1) and Waleria KRUSZYNSKI had 14 known children:
- Peter and Paul (twins), died in infancy, b. in Fostoria OH
- Francis and Felix (twins), died in infancy, born in Fostoria, OH
- Martin, b. 1/1907, d. 9/1913 in Fostoria, Oh
- John Felix, married Connie R?
- Connie (Condegunda?), married Michael DAS
- Regina Mary, married John T. SZCZUPAK
- Eleanor, married (1) Dorval UTRIAINEN, (2) James COOPER, (3) Ben KELBLEY
- (Anna) Josephine, married Alex CAMERON
- Clara, married Michael BROWN
- Helen, married Creighton THOMPSON
- Joseph Michael(2) married Bernadette O'DONNELL
- Elizabeth (Bea) married James WILKES
All of the above children were born in Fostoria, OH, the family attended St. 
Wendelin's RC Church there.

Joseph Michael Kruszynski was an only child, but we know of other male 
Kruszynski's that must have been his 1st or 2nd cousins, Max, Oscar (Al), 
Chester, Mike Jr. John. Waleria had possibly 5 sisters (Anna, Dominka, Joanna 
are known) and 2 brothers. Other given and surnames (we don't know where they 
fit yet) are Bronek, Marta, Irene/Ireane, Anderef/Andrej, Janina, Dominte, 
STASKIEWICZ, SWIATEK, Ignatius - Francis - Feliks - Rev, Agnellus SOBOLEWSKI. 

John Theodore SZCZUPAK (changed to STEUPAK in the US), married Regina Mary 

Again, some current information on all of these lines is known, my search is 
going back into Poland/Germany for more ancestral information and families 
(siblings/parents, etc) that were left behind. I am also interested in any 
information you may have to share about any of these surnames/any generation.


Maureen Murray Webb

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