[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Name of Town - Plock

PnSWork at aol.com PnSWork at aol.com
Sun Feb 23 14:01:20 PST 2003

Hello Adelheid,

> I have copies of family records in German that state that my
> great-grandfather was born "bei Plock".  I presume this means
> near Plock.  Where is Plock?

    "bei Plock does indeed mean "near Plock."  Plock is a medium-
sized town on the banks of the Visla (German = Weichsel) River in
Central Poland.  Most maps of Poland will show this town.  Plock
is also the seat for local regional government and holds the regional
archives for that area.

    I know of five villages within 5 km of Plock where Germans are
known to have lived.  They are Maszewo, Chelpowo, Biala, Powsin,
and Boryszewo.  Several readers of this list (including me) have
ancestors who lived in one or more of these villages.  Due to the
close-knit nature of the German communities, it is highly likely
that you are related to one or more of us!  What was your great-
grandfather's (and great-grandmother's) name?  If we find a connection,
you should get several more generations very quickly!  Good luck!


Paul R Work, researching Wolf, Erbacher, Schmidt, Kanigowski,
Dreher, Hefke, Lehmann, Gredke, Burgstahler, Fetzner, Weber,
Krueger, Herrmann, all near Plock or Wyszogrod

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