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> (unless of course they didn't have the proper papers to allow them to clear 
> the borders in which case they would have used horses and wagons).

I have wondered about why my father didn't take the train as his brother 
Wilhelm Redmann and family did in 1910 when they emigrated to Brazil. My 
father (Albert Redmann) told my older brother that he traveled by wagon at 
night and slept in barns in the daytime when he traveled to Bremen from 
Volhynia in 1912. My father's other brother, Adolph Redmann, "escaped from 
Ukraine" (oral history from his daughter, my cousin) to Germany with his 
family around 1914. In 1924, they emigrated to Brazil from Germany. Three 
brothers, each with a different story about their leaving Volhynia. My father 
was the only one who came to the US.

Joanne Redman Johnson

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