[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] From Plock to Czysew , Poland & wagons

Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 24 08:35:08 PST 2003

Catching up on some older stuff due to a very busy week.

I am a little confused about the references to Czysew since these place 
names are duplicated several times within Poland and I cannot find Zabiele 
Pikuly.  I assume you may be referring to the region E and NE  of Ostrow 
Mazowiecka which was in Lomza parish.  This is in the opposite direction of 
Volhynia but not an unusual migration pattern.  It may have simply been 
stimulated by availability of land rather than agents luring them to the area.

Several people on this list and members of SGGEE are focusing on this area 
and perhaps they will be able to help you further with specific info.

At 05:14 PM 18/02/2003 -0800, Mag Ton wrote:
>August Ziemer ( born on 9 December 1841 , christianed
>at Schrotterburg's Plock German Lutheran Church , son
>of Jan Ziemer & Euphrosina Abraham ) somehow migrated
>from Borosiewo , Plock and ended up in the area of
>Czysew ( Zabiele Pikuly & Sasiny  to be exact ) where
>he bought land in the 1860's . Is this on the way to
>Volyhynia ? Were there a large group from  Plock that
>would have settled in this area - being intercepted by
>a possible agent / or lured by other settled former
>neighbors  or relatives ? What German Lutheran
>Evengelical  Church was in this area for such
>settlements ?

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