[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] History book-Surname Abram

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Wed Feb 26 12:18:54 PST 2003

Taken from the Endiang History book

Edward and Julia Abram
Edward (Ed) Abram came to Canada and filed on a homestead in the Endiang 
district in 1908.  His wife, Juliana Kueng, and their young sons 
remained in Russia to join him later, thought to be in 1910.  When the 
time came for Julia to join her husband she traveled alone with her 
young children and she could speak no English, only German.  ( Lots more 
to story)

Christian and Mathilda Abram
Christian Abram, born 1857, and his wife Mathilda, born 1862, both lived 
in a German speaking area in southwestern Russia.  They had seven 
children:  Emilia, Justine, Julia, Wilhelm, Gustav, Emma, and Otto. 
 Christians brother Edward Abram, immigrated to Canada in 1908, filing 
on a homestead in Endiang.  In 1913 Christian and Mathilda's son Gust 
decided to immigrate to Canada as well, and join his uncle Ed at 
Endiang.  After the first World War when Christian and Mathilda were 
able to regain contact with their son Gust, they decided that they too 
would like to immigrate to Canada.  Gust made the necessary arrangements 
and Christian sold his farm in Russia.  He had bought the farm for 3000 
rubles and sold it for 18 000 rubles.  The Russian money had gone down 
so much in value that when they exchanged it into Canadian dollars they 
got $60.00  ( Lots more to this story)

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