[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: (Ger-Poland-Volhynia) underground

Carol Forster cforster at midmich.net
Thu Jul 3 12:17:09 PDT 2003

This information was very interesting.  My husbands family came out of
Volhynia arriving in the U.S. May 30, 1911 with their infant son age 8 months
old.  Walts sister told us that a group from their village came out together,
they went north and got on a little boat that took them to a big boat.  Yes
they had to sneak out as mother stated she had to keep her baby quiet or they
would just leave him behind.  They could not risk a baby crying and get
caught.  Most of Mothers family came out that way at different times and
different ways.  One brother Henry Titschkowski and an Arndt had to sneak into
Austria, then make their way to Hamburg to America
Thank you
Carol Forster
cforster at midmich.net

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