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Thu Jul 10 14:07:57 PDT 2003


My great-great grandmother's full name was given as Antonia C[h]ristina
Arystyny SCHULZ, said to be "of Polish aristocracy" who was disowned by her
family [presumably either because of class or religious differences] when
she married Daniel WEICH, probably a German Lutheran who moved to
Aleksandrowka before 1853.

My question is about the "arystyny" in her name.  Does it have special
meaning?  Is it the Polish form of "Antonia" or is it a surname?  She went
by "Christina" and sometimes showed up as "Christiana" in the St Pete's
Volhynian birth records of her children.

We have been unable to discover any information about her or her SCHULZ

Would appreciate any insight.  Thank you.

judikat at teleport.com

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