[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Thanks for the translations

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Mon Jun 2 21:30:33 PDT 2003

Re:  Kautz/Mantey/Schultz/Langner/Schultz       Villages of Beresowka &
Warwarowka, Volhynia Approximately a month ago, I asked for some help
translating some German letters, and I want to thank those that replied
and assisted.  Special thanks to Sandra Hartfiel, Gunther Bohm, Gerhard
Konig, Ed Langner, and Richard Benert.    I appreciate al the help. Since
everyone is so helpful to me, I would like to offer my assistance on
something.  I live close to one of the BC Canadian genealogy libraries
that have the immigration films, so if I can be of assistance to anyone
please let me know.  I will try to do my best for you and let you know if
I can find something out for you.  Or if anyone needs any assistance or
phone calls made in BC let me know via e-mail.  It helps to have all the
help one can get sometimes.  I cannot translate anything though as I only
speak English.Carol Kautz


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