Nelson colnels at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 3 10:34:20 PDT 2003

The photograph of the church on the Journal Cover depicts the church as it is today. It is not being currently used as a granary, and has not been for some years, at least since the Ukraine received it's independence in 1991. 
On my recent trip to my former home in Volhynia. we visited the Sorotschin Church, and gained entry through an open window. 
It is an amazing structure, built around 1906, with an open post free area of about 80' x 80'. On the back wall behind the baptismal bath, there are two painted pillars, about 25' apart, joined at the top by an arch. They were painted in stripes of red, blue and gold? circling upward to the right. 
Has anybody seen such pillars painted in Baptist Church's? What would they be depicting? What would the significance be?
I would appreciate comment.

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