[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: Convention location

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Tue Jun 3 12:31:22 PDT 2003

To Judy and others from the eastern and mid-western areas - I too would like 
to see a SGGEE convention sometime in the Winnipeg area in order to be able to 
reach those like yourself.  Being on the SGGEE Board this year I have 
suggested such but it seems there are very few from these middle-of-the-country areas 
that might be able to take on the planning and development of a convention.   
 If there are those of you who have this concern of a convention location 
please let us know who you are and if interested in seeing this happen.  I live 
in the Chicago area and know how difficult it is to go west and into Canada 
(having to change planes all the time!) but am planning to make it by myself this 
August.  I would hope others would give it a try too.  SGGEE is moving along 
well in their gathering of data and interested new members so would hope you 
all would be interested where a convention might be in the coming years.  Your 
suggestions are always helpful.  And so is your presence whenver you can make 
it.  As a new widow, just wish me luck in this "flying by myself and changing 
planes" this year!   (<:   (and passing the security too!  Those who were with 
us last year at the airport would know about that escapade....)  

Virginia Less

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