[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Sosnowiec/Sosnowitz Records

Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 5 22:44:41 PDT 2003


Would you be looking for the village of Sosnowice in Gostynin parish?  If
so, filmed records for Gostynin stop at 1886 with deaths, the last filmed
year for births is 1883.

The on-line Pradziad database found at

states Gostynin Ewangelical births records up to 1899 are found in the Plock
State archives.  These archives have a website and an email address.   A
short and simple request can be made in English.   They might reply in
English stating whether they have found a record or not, and will tell you
the cost involved if a record is found, and how to send money to the

Rose Ingram

> The SGGEE website indicates no records exist for Sosnowiec, and
> familysearch.org seems to agree with this.  Does anyone know of a way to
obtain birth
> records during the 1880s?  I am looking for a birth record on Paul Otto,
born there
> in 1888.
> Steve Beilstein

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