[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Sosnowiec/Sosnowitz Records

AlbertMuth at aol.com AlbertMuth at aol.com
Fri Jun 6 06:51:14 PDT 2003

There are several villages named Sosnowiec/Sosnowitz, also Sosnowice
in Russian Poland. You need to narrow down the possibilities.

Based on previous communication from you, I am suspecting that it is in
the Lodz area, perhaps the one located inbetween the parishes of Zgierz
and Brzeziny (no records for the latter).  It's only 5.9 miles SSE of the
parish Nowosolna; records here have only been filmed to the year 1875.

But, this is only one of the towns, and may not be the right one.  If you
have enough information to pinpoint WHICH one it is, you may consult
LDS film #1343868.  This is a copy of an alphabetically arranged
gazetteer, listing every town and village in Poland (contained in its
1934 boundaries).  The far right column gives the parishes (E for 
R for Roman-Catholic).

You will probably need to write to the State Archives in Poland to obtain
this 1888 birth record--very few places have been filmed to this late date.
I am sure that someone in SGGEE can help you do this.

Al Muth

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