[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Russian Villages

Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 12 07:30:09 PDT 2003

It appears that Eigengrund is in the Black Sea area and Uritzk up north 
near St. Petersburg.

The best place to start for finding them is at 

At 08:17 AM 06/06/2003 -0600, Ursula Bachman wrote:
>I am trying to find out more information regarding the Jewish towns that
>were numbered. For instance my Uncle was born near Eigengrund, Russia (my
>mother's birthplace) but the actual village was named "the 20th".  Another
>name given to me was "Uritzke".  My Uncle was born in 1938.
>If anyone knows anything about these place names or where I may find some
>information on them I would appreciate it. Thanks.
>Ursula Bachman
>Researching: Haupt, Minchau, Rose/ Schmidt, Schulz, Kop, Schlag
>Areas: Poland (near Warsaw): Kiciny, Ceglow/ Volhynia: Kosjak,
>Gottliebsdorf, Schtolpez/ Russia: Eigengrund, Tarsof, etc.

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