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Tue Jun 10 14:29:16 PDT 2003

Awaiting responses to my call in the spring SGGEE newsletter.  Convention 
time will soon be here.  Would like to have more to add to the collection already 
Need short paragraphs, any subject,  of what it was like for our 
parents/grandparents when they lived in Volhynia.  Any photos (identified as to location & 
people) of the early period would be most welcome.  (Copies only, not 
originals)  At least 8x10 or 5x& so they can be inserted in archival sleeves for 
3-ring notebook.   Permission to publish also appreciated.  All stories and 
pictures will be kept as part of the Volhynian History collection in the Library.  
And, used at times in the SGGEE Journal.  Expecting a nice display to be 
available for the convention.  Will you help?

Please - do share what you know, have collected yourself.  This will help 
those who are just starting research and had never heard much from their own 

Send by e-mail to me, or snail mail (503 Ridgewood, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137).  I 
will be sure to have them prepared for use in the Research Room at the 
convention in August.  Questions?  E-mail me soon.       GVLESS at aol.com

Virginia Less

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