[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Why should you join SGGEE?

Gary Warner gary at warnerengineering.com
Mon Jun 16 13:42:09 PDT 2003

To all on the list,

Many of you on this list are taking advantage of the free information 
available on this list.  Great.  But if you are not a member, then you are 
missing the many benefits of being an SGGEE member, not the least of which 
are the many databases that are linked together into family groups, or 
additional searching capabilities in the ones that you can see in the 
public area of our website.  With over 200,000 names in just the Pedigree 
database that are all connected to Volhynia or Poland in some way, the 
chances are good that some of the people in your family are in our 
databases.  You may get some hints of what is there from some of the people 
on the list, but you cannot see the data in full until you join.

Give this some thought, and see the additional reasons to join with us at 
http://sggee.org/MemAreaDesc  Remember that your dues are not dues in the 
pocket of some large organization.  Our dues are spent in obtaining data 
for you, and there are no paid positions to diminish what is spent for that 

Gary Warner
SGGEE Database manager and co-webmaster

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