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Dear Erik,

ger-poland-volhynia-request at eclipse.sggee.org schrieb:
> translated to make a positive I.D..  They suggested that I look for the marriage
> record for Michal and Marianna's marriage in the birthplace or residence of
> Marianna since it was common practice to be married in the brides hometown.  Does
> anyone agree with that statement?  I think I found a birth for Marianna Muller in

yes, this was common practise for the protestants in this region.

> the FHL film #0714862 from the Lipno parish 1863-1865, the villiage listed
> was Lipiny.  Can anyone make sense of this situation?  If Lipiny was listed in
> the Lipno films and the EZAB suggested to look in the brides hometown, why
> wouldn't it be listed within the Lipno, Rippin areas?  I feel that I am on the

Because she was born in Lipiny does not mean that she (and her family)
lived there when she married.

Have you ever tried the church books for Dobrzyn n/W? This church seems to
be nearer than Lipno.
Only a suggestion.


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