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Sat Jun 28 10:01:47 PDT 2003

Looking for anyone who knows of a Jewish Underground movement that is 
supposed to be operating at the turn of the century to enable anyone who wanted out 
of Volhynia, probably because of who they were but understand that non-Jewish 
friends utilized this service as well.  I have a family story of my husband's 
father, Friedrich Less, that I have no proof of yet.  It has been said that he 
"escaped" out of Volhynia in 1903 and the only paper he had with him was his 
confirmation paper as confirming his identity. His brother "went out" the year 
before with wife & young child and their story is that they left middle of 
night, met a farmer near the border to Poland, waited until the guards met and 
walked on.  One guard had been paid and would flick his cigarette when all was 
well telling the "escapees" it was okay to move across.  Then brother Erdmann 
Less & family met another farmer on the Polish side, stayed there until it was 
safe to move on.  We feel that his brother, Freidrich, also left in this way a 
year later.   Of course, there probably was money paid and family story says 
the two brothers earned money making barrels etc.so they could eventually go 
to America.  Erdmann was also on leave from his military duty so his "escape" 
had to be because of that.  Now -
The story I have heard is that the Jewish Underground existed around Novograd 
Volhynsk.  My husband's father and brother lived not very many miles from 
there in the village of Warwarowka which is not far from the highway to Novograd 
Okay - does anyone know of this Underground?  Sure would like to find out 
Virginia Less

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