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Sun Jun 29 16:00:14 PDT 2003

If you are having problems with languages, here is a good place to start:

www.familysearch.org under column Search for ancestors, go to View maps,
forms, guides and other research helps.  It will help anyone with
languages, etc., for any country from English to/from any language.  Also
numbers, dates and times.  For instance POLISH:
This listing contains Polish words with their English translations.  The
words included here are those you are likely to find in genealogical
sources.  If the word you are looking for is not on this list, please
consult a Polish-English dictionary.  You can go to additional resources

Polish is a Slavic language related to Russian and Czech.  It is used in
genealogical sources throughout Poland.  Before 1918, Polish-speaking
territories were divided between Russia, Germany and Austria.  Records
written before 1918 may be in German, Russian, Latin, or Polish.

In Russian Poland, Polish was the official language for vital records
from 1808 to 1868.  From 1868 to 1917, Russian was the official language.

In German Poland, most records were kept in German or Latin, though some
were kept in Polish.

In Austrian Poland, most records were kept in Latin. Some records were
kept in German and some in Polish.

Polish is also used in the records kept in some Polish communities in the
United States.

Polish records often contain Latin and German words.  See the German
Genealogical Word List and the Latin Genealogical Word List.

Hope this will help some that are having problems with languages, of
course there are many other sources, if you want to take the time.  This
is just a quick reference.

Respectfully, Justin L Dingman 

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