[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: Escaping from Volynia & Jewish Underground Railroad

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Sun Jun 29 20:53:02 PDT 2003

I am glad to hear that others have a similar story about their ancestor 
making an "escape" out of Volhynia at the turn of the 20th century (& before WW1).  
The Less brothers that came out in 1902 & 1903 were probably coming out 
because they did not want to be involved with the Russian military.  My husband's 
father was just 18 at the time and so was subject to a draft.  His older 
brother that came out with his young family the year before (1902) was in the 
military and from what I understand from family lore he was home on leave when he 
decided to leave (escape).  Of course that would have been a no-no because of 
his military status.  I just want to know if anyone knows anything at all about 
this so-called Jewish Underground Railroad.  I understand from some other 
contacts a few years ago in this research that there was also a large Jewish 
community around Novograd Volhynsk and that they had a very large & profitable 
Market.  No doubt, my husband's father knew about this and probably was a frequent 
visitor.  This we surmise because Gary's father always would talk about the 
ways of "their" business methods here in America.  In fact, in the 1930's 
Freidrich Less made a trip from Sioux City to Chicago to attend the World's Fair 
but all he would talk about when he got back home was going to Market Street. 
This a very popular open air market in Chicago at the time and of course, many 
were Jewish merchants on the street.  
Nice to have family stories but one sure does wish one can find more of the 
true "historical" facts to collaborate such.  So - if anyone has any insight on 
this subject of escapes from Volhynia at this time, and the Jewish 
connections over there, please share them.  (See my previous email to the listserv on 
the details of the Less brothers'  "escapes")
Thanks for the interest.
Virginia Less

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