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Ancestry.com has a free 14 day trial on their passenger list databases -
http://distantcousin.com/f/Passenger3.html . You could look for the
ship/person there

Other good places to look to try to verify/identify the exact ship name and
arrival are:

Once you have identified the ship exactly, you may be able to find the
person on the ellis island site. I had a relative whose name, Kopp, was
misspelled as Ropp on the ellis island database.

Or even if you can't exactly identify the ship, the microfilmed passenger
manifests for NY (get from LDS Family History Library or National Archives)
should help since you have the date and arrival port information.

I've discovered various traveling companions for relatives by noting who is
listed next to them on the passenger manifests - or people from the same
town on the same ship.

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Since there is some interest on this listserv about finding more details on
Jewish Underground R.R. out of Volhynia in the early part of the 20th
perhaps someone here knows of a good Jewish website where queries such as
this could be sent.  Maybe that source might be of help.

One other thing I am puzzled with on my husband's Father's "escape" in
1903 -
how could he have gotten on a ship in Germany to immigrate over and thru
Ellis Island without identity papers (other than just his Confirmation
paper)?  If
he had anything else, of course, searching family memorabilia did not
any other item re his immigration.  Would he have had a "passport"?
family story has surfaced with the fact that he did not cross the Atlantic
alone but was with a family group, names unknown.  His naturalization record
does give the date of arrival at Ellis Island and a ship name that is not
as one on their lists.   Are there any suggestions in how to find someone
like this?  I've tried the Ellis Island website, found several Less names
tells me the name is not so unusual) but nothing for Freidrich Less, age 18,
arriving 1903.  I've tried bracketed years as well.  Without the family name
was supposed to be with I guess this may be difficult to locate the actual
info on Freidrich.  Any suggestions here for climbing over this "brick

Again, thanks all of you for listenning.  Research success always depends on
lots of people like you.
Virginia Less

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