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Have you and/or Eduardo looked at the St. Pete's records on the SGGEE
website at  http://www.sggee.org/Databases

I found the marriage - Ludwig Kommers and Auguste Weich 1863 Zhitomir and
the births of 6 children from 1867 to 1876.


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> I have had an inquiry from a gentleman in Brazil regarding his Grandmother
> Weich  but all he knew was that her name was Weich and that  she had
> a Ludwig Kommers while still in Zhitomir. I knew some of my mothers family
> had gone to South America but when I inquired in Brazil they were quite
> secretive so I didn't pursue it.  Was there a group from a certain area
> went to Brazil or was it a hit and miss effort.
> Can anyone tell me where I find information regarding the Zhitomir area.
> know exactly where it is located but don't know where to go for their
> His name is Eduardo Kommers.
> Thanking your in advance for your help.
> Carol
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