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The following is a query from Russia forwarded from another ger-rus list.

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>Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 05:12:07 +0300
>From: Vadim Rogge <rogge at ok.ru>
>Subject: From Russia - KLEINSCHMIDT
>Sender: Germans from Russia Genealogy and Family Research
>Moscow, Wednesday, March 5, 2003
>Dear Subscribers,
>I have received the letter from elderly lady, Tamara GUMBATOVA (Mrs), from 
>city Baku
>(Azerbaijan, Caspian Sea). She researches a history of lutheran church and 
>russian germans in
>city Baku and now she looking for her roots with surname KLEINSCHMIDT.
>Unfortunately, she does not know the English language and I have 
>translated this letter for
>you. I shall help in her research and I shall translate yours e-mails on 
>Russian for her.
>Sincerely,   Vadim Rogge (Mr)    Russia, Moscow, rogge at ok.ru     (Sorry 
>for my English :)
>Translated letter from Russian to English
>My name is Tamara GUMBATOVA (Mrs),
>I am looking for my roots and my lost ancestors and relatives.
>Unfortunately, many dates and events I keep in my memory only. Records are 
>lost. Time ... .
>Help me, please.
>Probably, my ancestors were from EAST PRUSSIA, from vicinities of city 
>DANZIG (now, city
>GDANSK, Poland). I know, they lived at 1890 in city BIALA (Sedletskaja 
>province, Russian
>Empire), near city WARSAW. (possible, now it is city BIALO-PODLJASKA, 
>Poland, border of Poland
>and Russia). My ancestors were the lutherans.
>In the beginning of 20 century, they have moved with children to city KIEV 
>   My great-grandfather - KLEINSCHMIDT WILHELM GUSTAV. (in Russian - 
> Vilgelm Gustavovich)
>Born on December 27 (December 15 of new style) 1845.
>Died on March 12 (February 27 of new style) 1917 (city KIEV, Russia).
>He worked in branch of German firm "ZINGER" in city KIEV (Russia), 
>probably, in 1900-1917 years.
>   My great-grandmother - ANNA (in Russian - Anna), nee, in Russian - 
> "FELAUF", probably, her
>surname was "von LAUF", because I know, she was from any nobiliary family.
>Born in 1841 (city BIALA, Sedletskaja province, Russia)
>Died in 1920 (city of KIEV, Russia, she is buried in city KIEV)
>In 1920, our distant Russian cognate read "records about death" 
>(Evangelical - lutheran church,
>Kiev, Russia) and has written a German maiden name of my great-grandmother 
>Anna by the Russian
>letters, therefore I do not know a spelling of her surname in German. The 
>variants the of
>maiden surname of Anna are: FEHLAU, LAUFF, von LAUFF. Other variants I do 
>not know.
>Their children:
>a son GUSTAV (in Russian - Gustav) (? - ?)
>a daughter EMILIE (in Russian - Emilija) (? - ?)
>a daughter ELISABETH (in Russian - Elizaveta)
>Born in 1879.
>Died - ?
>She has left Russia together with the husband REINHOLD (his name in 
>Russian - Rejngold, but
>I don't know his surname) in 1923-1926 years and came to AMERICA, 
>probably, to city NEW YORK.
>In our family archive there is a photo (from America, from photographer's 
>studio), on which
>is written - " SYDNEY, Kenosha, Wis. " - what is it?
>a son JULIUS (in Russian - Julius)
>Born in 1892.
>Died - ?
>He has left Russia together with the wife and daughter (I do not know 
>their names) and came to
>city GLASGOW (ENGLAND) till 1926 (it is possible in 1923-1926 years).
>a daughter NATALIE (in Russian - Natalija) - my grandmother.
>Born in 1880 (1883?) (city BIALOSTOK, Russia)
>Died in 1919 of a typhus (city KIEV, Russia, she is buried in city KIEV)
>a daughter ALBERTINE (in Russian - Albertina) (she has the daughter, in 
>Russian - Asja)
>Born in 1894 (city Biala, Russia)
>Died in 1979 (city of Kiev, Russia, she is buried in city Kiev)
>I shall be thankful for any information and any advice.
>Sincerely, Tamara GUMBATOVA (Mrs).                    Baku, Azerbaijan.
>Please, send your e-mail to Vadim Rogge               rogge at ok.ru

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