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Hi Janice,

as I understand Petra's email from Dec. 2002 she had no further infos about
the other children, only that what her Aunt remembered:

"My ggrandmother was Marie Haupt. nee Kinas. I don't know anything further
from her.

children  (the exact order my Aunt couln't say anymore - she is the daughter
of  Bertha)

Robert born 5. Dec. 1888
Emilie married Bandof
Bertha married Weber born on 02. March 1891
Paul married with a  Natalie ( died in  2000) two children, the name of the
son was Richard, daughter ?
Ida (died very young) son was brought up from Bertha
Paul and Ida are the youngest children"

I've translated your email and sent it to her. I hope she'll reply.

For Al Muth:
Could you find further infos?
In December you wrote:
"I have ordered a film with
marriages 1871-1895, and I am sure that the marriage record that Petra
needs will be there.  Perhaps we will know in late January."

Greetings from Germany,


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> A short time ago there was a woman looking for the Haupt family, I believe
> her Grandfather Robert Haupt born in 1888 to Christian Haupt and Marie
> in Konin or Lazinska.  I tried contacting her through a cousin living in
> Germany asking if she had any information about the other children but she
> did not respond.  My great grandfather was Christian Haupt born around
> One of the eight children she mentioned was named Christian.
> My Grandfather Edward Haupt was born in Bubno/Gluckstal, Volhynia in 1891.
> His god mother was Wilhelmine Kinas.
>  Was anyone able to help her or did she divulge additional information
> regarding her family?  I have hit a brick wall in searching for my
> ggrandfather Christian Haupt and his wife Wilhelmine Mincho.  We believe
> Haupt family may have originated in what is called Memelland, moved down
> Koenigsberg and then proceeded further into Prussia.  I have found this
> by tracking areas where I have found the Haupt family name.
> If anyone can add new information or direct me where to look, it would
> definitely be appreciated.
> Janice Schultz
> Searching:  HAUPT and MINCHO
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