[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Volhynia church records

Miles Ertman milesertman at shaw.ca
Wed Mar 19 12:47:32 PST 2003

   I read an article, written in the Edmonton Journal a year or two ago,
about the library to store Ewald Wuschke's vast collection on German
genealogy.  The article stated that there are seven books of Volhynian
church records of marriage and baptisms from 1920 to 1943 which were removed
by a church minister from Volhynia in 1943.  The article isn't clear on who
currently has these seven church books but states that Ewald Wuschke met the
son of the minister during an Edmonton visit.  The article also states that
these seven volumes "complement church records Wuschke has dating from 1836
to 1879".

   Does anyone know where these church books are, what parish they cover,
and whether anyone has made copies of the church books?

Miles Ertman 

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